MAC Up the Amp : Review & Swatches

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Are you searching for a statement lipstick other than the classic red or the «seen-before» fuschia?

Try Up the Amp by MAC and you won’t be disappointed!

DSC05582.ARW - Αντιγραφή

MAC Up the Amp is a pinkish purple color with a lavender hue and cool undertones.

It is as bright and unique it should be and as dark as to define the lips and keep the tones down.

DSC05642.ARW - Αντιγραφή

It belongs to the satin collection of MAC lipsticks, so it has a velvety and very hydrating finish. It doesn’t have any shimmer but it makes your lips shine bright.

It has a creamy consistency with a lovely smell.

DSC05564.ARW - Αντιγραφή

DSC05579.ARW - Αντιγραφή

To sum up, it is a very opaque lipstick with high coverage but it feels very comfortable to wear and it is very easy to apply.

It lasts for many hours, at least five, and it is very stable, so no need for lip liner (unless you really need it!).


MAC Up the Amp seems a different color depending on the light.

When it is under the sun, the lavender hue gets stronger but when there is no sun or lights around it appears darker and with a more intense purple hue.

DSC05750.ARW-001 - ΑντιγραφήDSC05732.ARW-001 - Αντιγραφή

It is an easy-going kind of purple lipstick that looks beautiful on a big range of skintones: light, medium and dark complexions.

The rest of your makeup choices will make the difference.

DSC05554.ARW - Αντιγραφή

DSC05541.ARW - Αντιγραφή

would recommend to keep the main focus on the lips and use warm tones on eyes and cheeks to make the face look more vivid.

DSC05751 - Αντιγραφή.ARW-001 - Αντιγραφή (2)

I highly recommend it as it might be kind of extreme but its also very wearable!

Totally in love with this color!

DSC05572.ARW - Αντιγραφή

So Sof®

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