Avene Couvrance Compact Makeup: Review & Swatches

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Compact makeup promises high coverage and powder action in one.

Avene’s Couvrance compact makeup does these indeed, and even more! It is a good choice, especially for oily skin types.

DSC06433.ARW - Αντιγραφή

This makeup promises serious skin imperfections (like acne, scars etc) in a natural way and creates a uniform,evened-out effect on every skin tone.

Couvrance compact makeup, as all of the Avene’s products, aims to take good care of the skin and improve the way it looks.

Fragance-, preservative- and paraben-free, Couvrance compact makeup is ideal for sensitive and prone to acne skins.

DSC06425.ARW - Αντιγραφή

DSC06020.ARW - Αντιγραφή

The package is very easy to use. It includes a sponge and a mirror that makes it perfect to carry in a bag! Minimal white, this chic package is definetely beautiful.

DSC06440.ARW - Αντιγραφή

It comes in 5 shades: Porcelain (01), Natural (02), Sand (03), Honey (04), and Sun (05).

I chose Natural (02), which is suitable for medium skin tones.

DSC06050.ARW - Αντιγραφή

DSC06027.ARW - Αντιγραφή

It cοntains warm and beige undertones,so it matches a wide range of medium skin tones.

It is workable which means you can build its coverage by using more product or lightly weting the sponge before you apply Couvrance.


Apply it all over the face in stippling motion.

Although its consistency is a bit heavy,this does not affect at all its ability to buildup nicely.

This make-up is totally a time-saver because you don’t need to apply any powder after Couvrance.

It stays on your skin for many hours and it is water resisant.
DSC06449.ARW - Αντιγραφή

The best choice for oily and acne prone skins of young girls as in my opinion is a bit too matte and heavy to be used by skin with even light wrinkles.

If you live in Greece, you can order it in a very good price by pharm24.gr, HERE.

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