Dior- DiorSkin Nude Air Serum Foundation Spf25: Review & Swatches

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DiorSkin Nude Air Serum Foundation is without doubt a unique makeup.

It is actually the first foundation I have ever used that looks so natural while it offers high coverage.

If you love lightweight products and serums, you certainly going to love this foundation!

DSC06869.ARW - Αντιγραφή

Diorskin Nude Air Serum Foundation is ultra-fluid, which means you will need only a tiny amount to cover your entire face.

In case you want to achieve higher coverage, you can apply more foundation.

It is easily buildable and very smooth (plus, it smells so nice).

DSC06879.ARW - Αντιγραφή

Like most serums, it comes in a glass bottle with a dropper, which gives a retro feeling.

Very elegant package for a foundation!

First, apply some drops in your hand, and quickly put the foundation on your face in circular motion. It gets absorbed very quickly and that’s why you have to be fast when applying it.
DSC06941.ARW - Αντιγραφή

It is highly hydrating but leaves your skin matte. It actually feels like you have applied powder after your foundation.

This foundation is trully like “Nude Air”.

It will make you feel like your skin is actually breathing. It hasn’t caused any breakouts on my oily skin and it also stays perfect for many hours.DSC06791

DSC06794 - Αντιγραφή

I chose the 020 shade which is a bit lighter than my medium skin tone but it will look bright enough for winter time.

020 is a light neutral shade. It has more beige undertones than pink, but it still remains on the neutral side.

DiorSkin Nude Air Serum Foundation makes the skin look bright, smooth and radiant.

DSC06810.ARW-001 - Αντιγραφή

photo taken on natural light

It contains vitamins and minerals that bring balance and enable the skin to be oxygenated easier, day-by-day.

Made with oils and talc-free, this extremely fluid foundation contains blurring agents that offer correction and an evened-out effect.

A huge pro of Nude Air Founation is that it contains sunscreen filters (spf25), so it also protects you from sun damage.

DSC06872.ARW - Αντιγραφή

Overall, I am very happy with DiorSkin Nude Air Foundation.

It is a lightweight, easy to blend, natural-finish foundation with high-coverage and longlasting effect.

so sof1

Ideal for all skin types, it is a perfect choice for a photo-ready face! You can fibd it in 7 neutral shades.

DSC06773.ARW - Αντιγραφή

What’s your opinion on DiorSkin Nude Air Serum Foundation?

Have you ever tried any other Dior foundation?

So Sof®

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