NYX matte liquid lipsticks haul: Suede & Lingerie

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Couldn’t resist on NYX liquid lipsticks. The shades I picked up are very unique, up-to-date and easy to wear and pair with any eye makeup look. They are on a reasonable price and have a consistency that doesn’t dry the lips.

Liquid Suede Cream Lipsticks and Lingerie Liquid Lipsticks have some similarities but some quiete big differences as well differences as well.

nyc liquid lipsticks.jpg

Enjoy the in-depth review and lip swatches of every single color!

nyx swatches.jpg

NYX Suede Sandstorm


A muted nude with lilac undertones

NYX Suede Soft-Spoken


A neutral mid tone pink

NYX Lingerie Ruffle Trim

ruffle trim.jpg

A warm beige with peachy undertones

NYX Lingerie Exotic


A terracotta red with pink undertones

NYX Lingerie Beauty Mark

beauty mark.jpg

A deep brown with grey undertones

NYX Suede


-Wide applicator which is easy to use

-Feels comfortable on the lips

-Thin consistency

-Doesn’t settle into fine lines

-Washes out harmonically throughout the day


-May need to wear a lipliner underneath

-Doesn’t dry very fast

-Not so matte effect

-Medium staying power on the lips

-Not very pigmented formula


NYX Lingerie


-The ultimate matte effect

-No need to use lipliner

-Very pigmented

-Dries fast

-Lasts for many hours

-Full lips effect

-Not cracked-looking lips


-Thick consistency

-Washes out badly-looking at the end of the day

The shades of NYX liquid lipsticks are amazing as I said, my top favorites are Sandstorm and Exotic which happen to be dupes for other famous liquid lipsticks and very unique, hard to find colors. Soft-spoken is the most versatile one, it is ideal for all the skin tones and can match with various eye makeup looks. Ruffle trim is a light nude but with some warmth in it, excellent for wintertime in my opinion. Beauty mark is a favorite as it is a totally 90s-iconic shade, perfect for summer & winter and looks great mostly on dark and sun-kissed girls.

The final results are…

NYX Suede liquid lipstick: 7/10

NYX Lingerie liquid lipstick: 8/10

Which shade is your favorite? 


So Sof®

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