How to Spring Hair: Game of Thrones Braids Inspo

We gotta love the ladies’ hairstyles on our favorite TV show Game of Thrones.

This half updo with braids helps you adopt the Daenerys Targaryen’s style without excesses.


The new modern princess is all about simplicity!


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Hair Tutorial: The Low Rolled Bun

Every princess deserves to get the perfect updo.

This simple tutorial will make your hairstyle look like it have been done by the top hairdresser of the world!

A more of “out-of bed” version of the low rolled bun is easy to be achieved, if you -simply- leave your hair out of-bed!

Sophisticated yet girly 🙂

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How to: Braid-Wrapped Ponytail

Simple and braided is the best choice for a sophisticated yet girly modern hairstyle.

Adding cute bobby pins will give an extra glam effect to your style!

Follow the instructions to get this unique hairstyle:

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Ponytail with a new twist!

Bored of the plain old ponytail? This is a way to spice it up in just a few minutes! A hair style which is suitable for almost any occasion.

You will only need a curling iron, a ponytail holder, some bobby pins and your hands!

A retro and modern hair style at the same time.TBDthepieceypony

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How to Style Long Hair to Look Like It’s Short

Long hair are amazing…but short hair can be beautiful as well!

If you want to do a dramatic change on your hair style -just for a while- you can try this hair tutorial which will give you short hair in no time!

Warning! No scissors needed 😉

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